Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Wednesdays Easy 5 Mile Loop

The fortunate part about where I live is the vast array of paved and unpaved running trails. The entire Twin Cities area is relatively flat so finding good hills can sometimes be a challenge. That is another blessing with my particular area of the cities. Hills are quite bountiful and they offer anything from moderate to very challenging workouts.

Today's run was just a simple run: 5 miles at an easy pace. The weather wasn't very great when I ran: hot, humid, and no wind, so my heart rate got out of control. But I'll accept that because of the conditions.

Today I picked a new trail and followed it to the edge of Eden Prairie. Again, this was a phenominally gorgeous run. It was a combination of pavement and gravel and went around some gorgeous lakes and was tree lined though parks almost the entire way. Check it out and if you're ever in the Twin Cities look it up. You won't regret this one if you're out for a short run.

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