Monday, July 30, 2007

A New Reason to Love Mondays

Monday has a bad rep. And that really isn't unfounded. Weekends are what we work for. Weekends are great times to get chores done, spend more time with the kids (if you happen to have any of those), relax, read a book, and do a whole host of activities which you decide to do. Monday is the unfortunate recipient of the end-of-the-weekend blues. So naturally it's a hated day. Anything to make Monday better than what it is is a welcome thought.

Monday morning spinning class is just the thing. We have an instructor, Matt, who literally pounds the crap out of us. He plays great motivational music, sets the tone by letting us imagine ourselves outside on a course chasing bikers, flying by trees, battling hills, and crossing the finish line, and is in general a great teacher. Today I spent 35 minutes working my core muscles and then 45 minutes in the cycle 60 class. I think I sweated out and replenished all the water in my body this morning. It was great. There's no better way to start the day. It's too bad we have to spend the rest of the day stuck in a cube doing a whole lot of work that is borderline psychosis enabling.

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