Thursday, July 19, 2007

Torchlight Run 5K

Not exactly the ideal running conditions but I'd take hot & humid over cold & dry any day.

I realize this race is breaking my curfue a bit. Those of you following along know that 8:00 is pretty much the end of the day for me. But every once in a while we need to break the mold and get out of our routine. It's a nice way to remember we're human. I like to "break the mold" on the weekends because I don't have an 8 hour annoyance (e.g. work) that gets in the way of my training on Saturday and Sunday.

The run was very good. I did a lot better than I thought I would considering the weather conditions. In fact, I think this is my best 5K to date: 22 minutes. As fate would have it the 5K wasn't officially timed so thank God for Garmin. The course map is below. Check it out. As a side note, this is now the third time I've done the Torchlight Run 5K and while each year the start has remained the same (Basilica of St. Mary), the finish this year was a bit odd. The race ended near Harriet Island which isn't so much of an odd thing (although I'm used to ending at the Metrodome but who's complaining?) An odd thing was we had to walk quite a way to get to the post race party on the island. Again, I'm not bitching. Just find it a bit odd is all. Another odd thing was the water distribution station at the end. It was a fill-your-own-cup sort of event. Shame on you LTF! Did you blow all your dough on the triathlon? That was bad form. Especially for a for-profit company.

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