Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Quality Running

Yesterday I had a quality run. Essentially, it was speed work. It involved a number of different length splits at different paces. Altogether the distance was 4 miles. It was 400 m at 5K pace, 800 m at 10K pace, 1200 m at 10K pace, 1600 m at 10K pace, 1200 m at 10K pace, 800 m at 10K pace, and 400 m at 5K pace.

After the 1600 m run it started to rain but not a terrential down pour. It was a very nice subtile rain. Unfortunately the humidity didn't go away and the temp didn't drop. But still...running in the rain is a blast.

Live every day of summer to it's fullest. Because soon our unfriendly acquaintance (a.k.a. Winter) will be moving back in.

UPDATE: Here's the map.

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