Sunday, July 15, 2007

Hopkins Raspberry Festival 5 Mile Run

Against my running schedule I decided to run a race today. This one was the Hopkins 5 Mile Race to kick off the Raspberry Festival Parade. This one was really fun despite the warm weather and late start of 11:30. My heart rate didn't get too high and I was actually able to push myself a bit harder than normal which was a very welcome surpise. It was even more surprising to me considering I ran 20 miles the day before.

I met a couple of wonderful people at the race including a very beautiful woman. Alas, like every other time, I considered it folly to ask for her personal information to contact her again so we remain strangers. I'll just have to wait and see if fate permits us a second meeting.

My increased stamina and obviously improving lactic acid threshold is very encouraging and keeps me hopeful that someday I'll be able to compete in an IronMan Triathlon.

Here it is:


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