Monday, July 23, 2007

Nokomis to St. Paul and Back Again

Today is cross training day and being that it's Monday, it's cycle day. Monday morning spinning at the Cross Town Life Time Fitness is fantastic. We have a fabulous instructor that just beats the crap out of us. It's great. Don't get me wrong though. The other classes on Wednesday and Friday are great too. But Monday offers a spectacular workout with well designed and instructed courses. Today we worked on speed so it was high resistence and high cadence. Man was that tough.

But since I'm a glutton for punishment (and beautiful women) I decided to indulge both of those a bit and do some more biking after work. I met up with an astounding woman athlete at Lake Nokomis for a bike ride. We really didn't have a set destination or plan so we took off from the park and headed along Minnehaha (say that three times fast) Parkway to the Mississippi River and along the frontage road. By this time the clouds cleared up and it wound up being an absolutely picturesque day. The air was still but cool for the ride. We went along the river on the St. Paul side and saw a lot of beautiful scenery in the parks along the river. Who knew the Twin Cities held such wonderous treasures? It was a ride you had to be on to fully experience how great it really was. We followed the trails all the way to downtown St. Paul and had dinner at a fantastic restaurant: Cossetta. If you ever get down there I recommend taking the time to check it out. It's great.

We took literally the same way back but you always catch something new on the return trip. This time we got to see Minneapolis during the sunset over the Mississippi River Valley. Again, it was so gorgeous that you simply had to be there to fully appreciate it's splendor.

I couldn't have asked for a better day and better company. Today was a Monday that had the look, feel, touch, and smell of a Saturday. It was one for the books.

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