Thursday, February 11, 2010

Week 5

Based on the way this week's been going there's no need to send out a summary of each day. This week I've been suffering severe burnout and motivation problems. Getting on the stationary cycle is almost sickening. I can hardly bare to look at it much less ride it. Because of the snow and cold I've also had no motivation to get out and run. It's all become monotonous. Meaningless. Soul less. What used to bring me so much joy and happiness, recently, has become a dry and barren desert. Void of life and purpose, training this week has really hit an all time low.

I really don't know what's going on or how long this is going to last but I know is my body and mind are both working together to tell me that right now getting rest is far more prudent than getting in a workout. This is hopefully the mid-winter blues and something I'll rebound from once the air outside becomes warm and the roads dry again.

In general I'm not concerned about this lack of motivation. It's happened before. Almost every year around this time for a while I lose all desire to do anything. But I do bounce back afterword and I usually bounce back stronger than ever. I'm assuming that's what will happen this time too.

And it's not just training either. Work is suffering along with every other area of my life. I hope today is the end of this because this weekend I'll be in San Francisco with my woman and this is not how I want to be feeling during the trip.

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Betsy said...

Enjoy your vacay & milder's the winter weather not the training! I'm sick of being the trainer and longing to be outside. I'm sick of runs through the ice, snow and slush like last week. I guarantee one run along the warf in Sf and your trainging blues will be gone. Spring will be here soon. I hope.