Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 29

Today was my longest swim this season: 2000 yards. It was as follows:

Warm up: 300 easy. 6x50 on 20 sec rest, 2 free, 1 stroke, 2 free, 1 stroke. 2x150 on 30 sec rest, 100 pull/50 kick. Main Set: 100,200,300,400 on base rest of 20 sec per 100. 2x50 kick on 20 sec rest.

The ladder was a big struggle. My form was failing near the end of each of the 300 and 400 but I managed to find my zone and hammer out the laps. This was a really exhausting workout but I'm really glad I got it done.

We've been getting a lot of snow up here recently and the walks to work have been very strenuous. That's probably why the swim was so hard. Today I got to work literally dripping in sweat. I think this upcoming weekend off will be more needed than I thought.

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