Thursday, August 28, 2008

I'm so cool it's scary

At least that's what I tell myself every day.

Over the weekend I stopped in to the bike shop and picked up a few supplies like tires, tubes, compressed air canisters, and tire levers. And like any good bike consumer I stayed for a while to gawk at the amazing bikes they had in stock. Amazing not only in form and function but amazing in price.

Before this year, I knew bikes were expensive but to spend more than $500 on a bike I was convinced someone must be completely loony. Then I started reading up on what makes a good bike. From components to frame and fork to seat posts, aero bars, aero helmet, seat position and booties I read up on everything. You want to get me all hot and bothered on a sport? Tell me all the science behind form and function and I'll be putty in your hands.

I hated biking with a passion until I started learning all about it. Now, like a crack addict, I can't get enough. Seriously. It doesn't even make sense. The more I think about aerodynamic profile and everything that can be done to reduce it, it makes me think of all the fluid dynamics courses I took and how to optimize the flow under certain conditions. Likewise, all I want to do is have gear that will make be tear through the wind more efficiently than a butter knife cuts melted butter. I just can't stop thinking about it.

On that note, while at the shop being frustrated at the impossible cost of these things, I was talking with a kid that works there who just happens to be the state champion time trialer. He told me that having an aerodynamic helmet is one of the most important features a person can have in terms of reducing drag. It's more important than an expense wheel set or even the frame design of a bike.

You have to imagine my elation. What this kid is telling me is a $100 bike helmet is more important than a $4,000 wheel frame or an even more expensive bike!! SIGN ME UP! After thinking about the obviousness of this I picked up a helmet (on sale for 40% off too) and felt like I just became a born again Christian.

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