Sunday, August 10, 2008

I'm getting there...

This weekend has definitely been one of the best in memory. Friday I spent the day with some wonderful company that kept me up all night long. Yes, it was tough and Saturday was pretty much a blur because of it but it was definitely worth it.

Speaking of Saturday, I went to the Turtleman triathlon but not as a participant. Believe it or not I was actually a volunteer. And it was fun. I still wish I could have been doing the event. The competitor in me won't let me give up. But there was no way I could have even finished the race much less been any good at it. Today, I think volunteering was the best decision. Besides, we got some awesome technical volunteer tee shirts.

Some of my TNT friends were competing in the Turtleman and it was exciting to watch them. I was on the bike route on literally the most pimp spot on the course. Seriously, it was great. Transition area was near the lake and the bikers had to bike up a hill to the park entrance and bike out from there. That's where I was. Right at the park entrance. That was also the exact spot where the bikes came in (just on the other side of the street). On top of that, the athletes run right up the grass to the north of that intersection and finish just on the south side. I got to see everything but the swim. And who cares about that because watching people swim is about as exciting as watching a bird take a crap.

Speaking of seeing everything, one of the elite female athletes was coming right back to the transition on her bike and completely wiped out at my intersection. It was really shocking to see. I was sad because you don't like seeing anyone crash and burn. However, I can't say that all of me was sad. After all, it does provide a small level of sick pleasure to see someone with these $10,000+ pedal bikes totally fuck them up.

Anyway, at the end of the day I had a great time volunteering, was impossibly tired from staying up way too late, and had a great time watching my TNT friends participate in the event.

Today, Sunday, was another one of my crazy runs. This time was 20 miles. By the end of it I only got 19 in because my body still can't handle the distance. But it was some great exercise and I'm pleasantly surprised at how quickly things are coming along. Before too long I'll be able to do 26.2 without too much of a hassle again.

Here's today's route:

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