Sunday, August 3, 2008

Glutton for punishment

I really shouldn't have done this but just could pass it up.

I woke up today fully well aware that I just biked 67 miles yesterday. It was one of those peaceful night sleeps where nothing would have woke me. When those happen I know I really did a number on myself yesterday.

So when I woke, fully rested and sort of sore, I checked my schedule and low and behold I had a 18 mile run today. No way I thought to myself. That's nuts. I just did practically a half Ironman bike distance.

Then it dawned on me: As fate would have it, I'm doing a half Ironman next month. How ironic.

A quick check outside showed overcast and fairly low humidity so all the chips were in place. How could I pass up this opportunity?

On with the gear and out the door I go. I ran a pretty common loop. For me anyway. And it wasn't even the full 18. I made it about 15.5 before I was at my front door and laziness took hold.

It was another combination run/walk but it felt much better than last week's long run. In fact, this felt energizing. I felt amazing. And I'm still feeling great about it.

Thank you endorphins! It saddens me that you'll be going away soon but I'm going to enjoy every moment of it while you're here.

I've got the map but am still waiting on Garmin and Motionbased to get their crap together and get their services working.

[UPDATE: Route is below.]

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