Sunday, August 17, 2008

Great Weekends

Keeping the spirit of my action packed weekends, this weekend I managed to overdo things yet again. But this time there's no burnout going on. It's actually the opposite. I feel more invigorated than ever.

Saturday I rode my bike to Mound, MN. It's a small town on the West end of Lake Minnetonka. I've never been out there but a friend of mine recently bought the Anytime Fitness franchise in that town. He wanted me to swing by to run with his crew so I took it as a good opportunity to explore a new part of the burbs. I took the 18 mile bike ride as a great cross training opportunity. When I got to the club I did a small 3 mile run with the crew, checked out the awesome franchise out there - I don't say that because I'm his friend... it really is very awesome - and biked back. The map is below.

Later that evening I spent the remainder of the waking day on a boat cruise on the Mississippi River for my friend Sarah's birthday party. That was great too but made for a very long night.

Today I met up with Randy and Jenae for a 20 mile run. This was their first experience running Cedar Lake as well as seeing the Washburn Water Tower. The run was long but we had a great fellowship and a lot of fun. Plus, I got to meet one of Jenae's friends who I might get to know a bit better later on. After the run we had breakfast at the Uptown Bar & Cafe. It's unclear how today could have been any better.

I love my weekends.

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