Sunday, November 16, 2008

Iron spinning

In my continuing saga of doing some form of exercising before starting marathon training in January (for Fargo) I did another spin movie. This time the new Iron Man movie -- which is fantastic by the way -- was the topic of interest.

I rented it through iTunes and did the spinning in Zone 2. Check out my stats here.

The spinning was just under 2 hours and I covered about 25.5 miles according to the [accurate] cadence monitor on my bike.

My goal for the next month or so is to do more strength training before hitting the trails again. Now that we've got the cooler weather I really have to fight the temptation to go outside and run. But I think in the long run (pun intended) it'll pay off more dividends to stick to swimming laps with the Master's group, spinning at the gym and at home on the weekends, and doing some cross country skiing when we get enough of a base for that.

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