Sunday, November 9, 2008

Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Stationary Cycle

This winter I'm taking a little different approach to my fitness. With swimming I'm going to focus primarily on form. Yes I'll still be with the Masters group on Tuesdays and Thursdays and yes they'll be hammering me to go faster and harder. I'm going to do my best to not be pushing up too high into heart rate zone 3 in those workouts. Sure they'll be hard but as long as I focus on good form during these intense workouts instead of focusing on speed I'll be fine.

I haven't figured out what I'll do about running yet. I know cross country skiing is in the plan and with the looks of this winter season so far we should be in for a great deal of snow. I may do some semi-long runs here and there but strictly in Zone 2. No pressure at all to push the issue.

It looks like my deal to sell my trainer fell through the cracks so it looks like I'll be sleeping with my bike this winter (not literally but it's now a new addition to my room). The trainer is set up right in front of my computer so I can watch movies while on the trainer. Today I broke it out and it worked out pretty well.

My new GPS watch synched with my heart rate monitor and my cadence monitor so I was in business. Unfortunately I didn't figure out how to turn off the GPS so in the nearly 2 hours I was watching Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Arc my watch was gathering GPS data and using that as my distance traveled instead of my cadence monitor. What a mess. It took nearly 3000 data points so on a map it looks like I've got this huge cluster of crap surrounding my house.

On a funny note, the watch did tell me that by the end of the movie I physically traveled 11.75 miles. That's a lot of back and forth rocking.

More importantly I kept my heart rate in Zone 2 for 1:43:30 of the 1:49:42 I was cycling with only 2 minutes in Zone 3. I also burned over 2300 calories. I definitely earned my Panerea today.


Ms. R said...

Mmmmm, Panera! I didn't earn my Panera on Saturday, but I still ate it anyway. HAHA!

SteveQ said...

I needed a timer for something I was cooking, so I used my Garmin 305 and it recorded my kitchen counter moved 352 feet in 20 minutes all by itself.

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