Saturday, October 25, 2008

Rearranging the Room

Fall is deepening its grip on the upper midwest which means my outdoor biking season is coming to an end. Not that I have a huge problem with being outside in the cold but something odd happens to me when I get cold. Strangely enough I saw a doctor last year and was diagnosed with cold urticaria. Long story short, I'm allergic to the cold. It's really strange but all it means is I don't do a lot outside in the winter in Minnesota. Still, I'm going to try to to do some cross country skiing as recommended by my TNT coach as a different winter activity. Life's an adventure. Live it up!

Last year I bought a Kurt Kinetic Rock 'n' Roll Bike Trainer so I could bike in the winter. It's a great tool but the problem is my living situation doesn't exactly lend itself to the space needed to stationary cycle. For those who don't know, I choose to live modestly. Mostly because I simply don't need a lot but partly because I find paying for shelter is one of the most impressive rip offs on the planet and sadly everyone seems inclined to buy into it. Where I live I have exactly one room: my bedroom. That's it. My housemate has so much sh*t that he takes up all the rest of the space (kitchen, restroom, living room, sun room, and a few other rooms). It's unbelievable. I don't even have friends over because I'm so embarrassed of his crazy lifestyle.

Anyway, getting back to the point at hand, I have incredibly limited space and need to fit a stationary cycle in my room. So, after much space negotiation I got my room re-arranged and ready for the cycle. It's not my ideal arrangement but it'll work for the long winter months. Plus, it should be more accommodating than last years arrangement.

Sorry. I'm in a really bad mood apparently.

UPDATE: It barely works. I need to move or force my housemate to sell his shit so I can have a fair amount of room. Then again, we're talking about a guy who freaked out because I mistakenly ate a pack of his [$2.00] hotdogs. Some people just have no clue do they?

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