Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Burnout at the Pool

I woke up today knowing something as off. It didn't make sense what it was because most mornings I wake up and everything feels off anyway. But this was different than most mornings.

I brushed it off and went to swim practice anyway.

Maybe that was a mistake.

I was doing my warm-up laps and my heart was racing. In fact, I was flat out exhausted. I thought this was just a fluke, brushed it off, and kept right on with the days activities.

Then we worked on 9 x 100 (50 kick, 50 drill). The kicks were nothing short of torture. In fact I couldn't even do them. The drills felt good and actually were a welcome reprieve from the kicks and typical swimming drills.

After the 9 x 100 we had to work on 3 x 200's at a descending (faster) pace. I got done with the first one, the easiest one, and called it a day. By this point it was clear I had no energy to keep going and I was just wasting my and everyone's time.

Some days we have it and some days we don't. Today I don't have it. This, I think, is a combination of not taking vitamins for 2 weeks, the pulled IT band, all the massaging I'm doing to work out the toxins from my body, and a hard 2008 sporting season.

I'm not sure what I have to be doing to get back into the swing of things. I did order some new multivitamins and have already (begrudgingly) conceded to not run for a month or two.

Maybe it's time to go grocery shopping. Anyone know where I can get cheap quality groceries? If housing is the number one rip off of this country then paying for food is a close second.


Ms. R said...

Take a break! Don't make me tell coach on you! ;) A couple of weeks off will do you a lot of good and you will not lose your endurance. I have heard Trader Joe's has cheap groceries, but I have not confirmed this myself...

Anonymous said...

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