Sunday, October 19, 2008

IMT Des Moines Marathon 2008


Today was my second marathon in as many weeks. Last week was the Whistlestop Marathon in Ashland, WI and this week I ran the Des Moines Marathon.

Last week I strained my IT band near mile 16 and was forced to run the rest of the marathon much slower than I would have liked. But it was only for fun anyway. The rest of the week I took easy in my training. I used my Compex Fitness Trainer to massage my IT band, swam and cycled for exercise, and had a professional massage. Coming into the race today my leg felt wonderful and strong.

I pulled of another sleep-in-my-car event which worked out well. I wasn't as well rested as I would be had I stayed in a hotel but it cost MUCH less than a hotel so I didn't complain.

The run itself was good too. I started off strong and held it through the half marathon mark. By the time I got to the 13.1 mile marker the time was 1:45. I was easily on track to finishing in 3:30, especially since by that point we've already run all the hills on the course. But, as my dumb luck would have it, my IT band acted up again. It hurt so bad I had to do a run/walk combination for the last half of the race. I was really looking forward to a PR today but was just glad I didn't destroy myself. Here are my official results if you'd like to see. Race photos will be available as I get them.

Because of this injury though I'm going to cut my running season short this year and focus on recovery. I won't be doing any running events until I'm confident my leg is healed. Until then I guess it's all swimming and cycling.

The course map along with my stats from the run are here.

UPDATE: I just got the most recent newsletter and instead of deleting it I decided to read through. One company did a really cool analysis of my crappy run. It's impressive enough to share. Check it out.


Ms. R said...

Jim, did you really sleep in your car?!?!

Ms. R said...

Me again...

Pool running! Come join the club! I still think you're crazy for sleeping in your car. ;)

SteveQ said...

You ran a 4:05 wearing a Garmin 405? I'd go back to the 305 model; you might be an hour faster!

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