Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fueling the Inner Nerd

It's occurred to me that while I've been paying a lot of attention to the my physical self and much more recently my spiritual self, I've been really denying the inner nerd. That's a shame too because it was because of my intense dorkiness and outlandish nerdery I graduated college (twice). But he's been neglected like a poor red headed step child (apologies to all red headed step children).

So, to make up for that I decided to put aside the athlete, forsake todays workout, and bust a move with a friend to the Science Museum. I've been to the Science Museum a few times so the standard exhibits weren't tonight's attractions. Instead, I had a much more sinister plot in mind. You see, the Science Museum is playing host right now to the Star Wars exhibit.

That's right folks. All original costumes, all original models, all original stuff used in the movies was right here in St. Paul. And we were allowed to take pictures. CHA-CHING!

The only disappointing thing was the douche bag George Lucas wouldn't let them display the Death Star. Don't ask. George Lucas is a serious douche. His last three Star Wars movies (Episodes IV - VI) should pay testament to that statement.

But, as a consolation prize, I got a really awesome bobble-head Darth Vader doll for my work cubicle. Oh yes. May the schwartz be with you!

Here are the pics from the evening.

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