Friday, January 9, 2009

So far so good

It's been my first full week back into training mode and so far everything is coming along well. At this point I'm training by myself but just found out that one of my chums from Team in Training belongs to the same club I go to. That's very exciting. She and I may have to do some spinning and swimming together to help each other out.

The training isn't intense at all right now so I'm still left with some time to focus on other things like cross country skiing and my bike and other little things like laundry and eating.

What's most encouraging so far is I've been able to run pain free. Granted it's been on a treadmill and it's been very low intensity running. But it's been pain free. And that my friends is worth all the time I took off. Let's hope this keeps going. I'll still pay special attention to it but I think the key is to spend the time stretching and getting deep tissue massages about once a month. That'll help loosen the tension and break up that scar tissue.

Another factor has to be the strength I'm developing in my glutes. It's weird to have to re-learn to use a muscle. It's like learning to walk all over again. Things that seemed so subconscious now take an extreme amount of attention. But, again, in the end it'll all be totally worth it.

Here's hoping to at least 35 more weeks of injury free training. I'll keep you posted.

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