Thursday, May 8, 2008

Twin Cities 1 Miler 2008

Today was the third running of the Medtronic Twin Cities 1 Miler. I love that race. How often do you get to do a 1 mile race that's officially chip timed? Not to mention one downtown.

The 1 Miler is a simple little run. They start it off with a mass starting wave, then it goes by age groups and finishes with the elite runners. It's really fun to watch. The course is below and as you can see winds through a very nice part of downtown. I don't often have a good excuse to get downtown but this is one of those rare moments when I do.

As of this writing, the price of gas is now around $3.66/gallon. In the spirit of being cheap, I've been walking to work and driving nowhere. In fact, my car hasn't moved from where it is right now in almost 4 days. And today I wasn't going to start. After walking home from work I stuffed all my running gear in my backpack, hopped on the bike, and headed toward downtown. As it turns out, downtown is exactly 10 miles from my house. Not a bad little bike ride. I've got that below too.

Now, it's time to rest. I've got a marathon to run on Saturday.

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Kris said...

Nice job on the 1-miler. I don't think my body moves that fast :) Best of luck on your marathon this weekend!