Thursday, May 15, 2008

Back Around the Lakes

Today's training was a bit excessive. Let's just face the facts right now. It's not been a week since my marathon and already I'm training as if nothing happened last weekend. I biked to practice, ran, and was going to bike back. No, I didn't bike back. That's explained below.

I'm being cheap because, for those of you who haven't noticed, the price of gasoline is out of control. So much so that I'm opting not to drive as much as I can control it. So leisure trips have been cut out, no more driving to work, and no more driving to practice. The irony there is I exercise in order to get to practice so I can... exercise.

After work I hopped on my bike and headed over to Lake Calhoun. That's a nice 10 mile ride on the path I took (see below). By the time I got to our practice spot, I hurried off of my bike, swapped shoes, put on my hat, and I was ready for the run.

We ran 7 miles around both lakes Calhoun and Harriet (see below map). It was fun because I got to hang out with some amazingly awesome people. And sometimes that makes all the difference in the world. We had fun conversations while talking and just made the time pass by. It was great.

After our run we stopped over to Noodles & Company for a little team building activity and over indulgence in delicious food. A good time was had by all.

The only problem at this point was I had to bike home. Luckily Kris, who is cool as all get out, felt pity on me and drove my sad rear end home. So, again, I'm saved by a woman. This is becoming a popular theme with me. All things considered though... I really don't mind. I hope they don't either. ;-)

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Kris said...

No worries about giving you a ride home, just glad the bike fit ok. What a great night for a run outside and it was cool so many people showed up :) Have a great race this weekend!