Wednesday, May 28, 2008

10-S Triathlon

The fine folks at the Michigan Tech Athletics Department finally got their act together and got the registration for the 10-S Triathlon up. Good thing too. With only 2.5 weeks until race day I'd hate to see them only have a hand full of participants. On the other hand, they only have two medals per age category so this would more or less guarantee me getting one. That's exciting. Especially since this'll be my first triathlon.

Personally this one will hold some special significance. I haven't been up to Houghton, my college town, in a few years. The memories will be nice. I'm actually looking forward to that aspect of things. Plus, I've never swam in the Portage. I've always wanted to but something about murky water that you can't see down past your nose psyches me out. It's the element of surprise that does me in. If something horrible is going to happen you will have absolutely no warning before it does. If I'm going to run into some old rusty ruins or get eaten by some mysterious Lake Superior creature, I'd like to have a little more warning. Maybe that's just me.

I'll keep you posted with details of the race once that weekend is over.

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Kel said...

I haven't been back to Houghton since I graduated in '83 (yes, it's my 25 year class reunion this summer. Yes, I'm old). I heard that they even have a traffic light up there now (the nearest was 90 miles away in Ishpeming back in the '80's).

I think I'd be more concerned with the water temperature of the Portage than the murkiness ;)

Good luck and have fun!