Thursday, August 25, 2011

All the Best Steve

By now if you haven't heard the news you must be in space. Even then that's hardly an excuse. Steve Jobs yesterday submitted his resignation as CEO of Apple, Inc to the Board of Directors. It's hardly surprising this happened given his health matters since 2004 when he took his first (of three) medical leaves but that doesn't make it any easier to hear the news. Steve Jobs is an irreplaceably amazing man who has shaped and reshaped the way we think of technology.

I've never met the man but over the years I've read piecemeal about him and his various adventures, from starting Apple, to releasing the original Macintosh to his 1984 commercial. I was probably first impacted by Steve's work as an undergraduate when our mathematics lab had NeXT computers. I had no idea how to use them but they were there.

But it wasn't until graduate school that I fell in love with the Macintosh. I had a loaner iBook from the graduate department which was the only laptop available. Reluctantly I took it but after 1 hour I couldn't put the damn thing down. It was running Mac OS X 10.0 at the time but luckily got my graduate professor to spring for the then-new Mac OS X 10.1. It changed how I looked at computers and how I worked. I was hooked. Apple had me in their palm and I was perfectly fine with that.

From that point to today I've started reading Apple related news, particularly news related to Steve Jobs. For whatever reason, the world that man lived in was not the same as the one most of us live in and I wanted to know how to get there. I wanted to know because it must have been a world full of such wonderful magic. After all, it's from this world that all our magical Apple products come from: iPod, iMac, MacBook, MacBook air, iPhone and iPad. He lives in a place I greatly desire to be. And the products produced by Apple is his way of letting us have a piece of that world that we can't get to on our own.

I know I'm pontificating about something completely off base from this blog but after reading the blogosphere and other news sites for the past 12 hours I have to express my thanks. It's all too emotional for me to be quiet about it. A man I've never met has had a profoundly significant impact on my life and I wish to say simply: "Thank you, Steve!. Best wishes to you and your family."

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