Saturday, February 5, 2011

Wahoo Fitness Fisica Fitness Sensor Key

So I jumped in and ordered a Wahoo Fisica Fitness Sensor Key for my iPhone. It just arrived this afternoon and ever since I've been trying to connect it to my iPhone. However, I get these two lovely messages:


Needless to say I'm very grumpy right now.


Jennifer said...

I'm having the same problem, although I don't even get the error message. The iPhone behaves as each I did not insert the key. However, under Settings/General- there is an field the acknowledges Fisica (gives serial number, product #, etc.)??? Did you ever get resolution or a response from Wahoo?

cyril godefroy said...

It's usually an issue with the phone itself, apparently not the dongle. I also have this from time to time. I usually just need to restart my iPhone. Annoying, but it's a computer after all. Plug and play is a new technology ;-)