Friday, March 5, 2010

A Great Week of Training

As a follow up to a post about training lows I have a week of training highs to report. It was a great week in training and I hope this trend continues. This may in part be due to the snow beginning to melt and the sun shining most days. But I also think it has a lot to do with taking some down time to refresh my mind.

My indoor cycles have been good. My mind has remained more focused on the task and I'm growing used to being in my saddle for long durations. As long as I can tackle the mental component I'll achieve my personal goals for the race in September. I feel I'm well on my way to meeting that goal too.

My long endurance swims have been good too. This week I had a 2500 yd swim. My swim lengths are increasing between this and next week. I'll be getting to 3500 total yards by next week. I've been feeling much more relaxed in the water and always thinking about my form, tweeking this and that to get optimal propulsion to energy output ratios. I can tell if it's working depending on how tired I am relative to how fluid I glide in the water. So far so good this week.

Yesterday I had my running victory too. It was my first speed workout of the year. I did intervals of 100 yards and 400 yards. I didn't have a track to I ran up and down the road a lot. It was kind of lame but it got the job done and in a stellar fashion for me too. The workout yesterday was as follows:

Warm up: 10 minute jog
Main Set: 4x100 dash w/ 30 sec rest between each, 8x400 run with rest equal to half the time it took to run the 400, 4x100 w/ 5 secon rest between each
Cool Down: 10 minute jog

Nothing outstanding there. But the victory lies within one of those 400's. I ran the distance in almost one minute. You heard that right folks. For 400 yards I held a 4:00/mile pace. :-D That was very exciting for me.

Let's hope this good week of training continues into the weekend. I've got a long run tomorrow and on Sunday another Brick and a 2500 yard swim. Better get to Trader Joe's and buy more pancake mix. I love my post workout multi grain pancakes.

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