Friday, October 23, 2009

How Wonderful of POM Wonderful

Many thanks and much love to my friends at POM Wonderful (@POMonline if you're a Twitter fiend) for the samples. I just got them and they're as excellent as I remember. And healthy too. Check out the research on pomegranate juice. Yes, I realize the link is at the POM Wonderful website and I do realize no company would put scathing remarks of their own product on their website (Microsoft of course being the exception because they sell Windows and Windows, as everyone knows, is a complete steaming pile of crap). But seriously. Other than an incredible amount of [natural] sugar, what have you ever read that's negative about pomegranates?

Huh? I can't hear you? Nothing? Yes. That's right. Nothing. As long as you get it in your mouth and not on your clothes (which it will instantaneous stain and ruin), pomegranates are one of natures super fruits.

BTW, if you're interested in sponsoring an athlete, it just so happens I'm currently available for sponsorship and am training for my first Ironman triathlon — Ironman Wisconsin in Madison on September 12, 2010. See how great I look next to a bottle of POM. :-D

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SteveQ said...

Well, if no one's ever said anything bad about pomegranates, it's because they've never tried to eat one, rather than drink juice. They're a mass of seeds which require picking out with a toothpick - and it's actually the seeds you want. If you ever try to eat one, cut it in half and squeeze it into a bowl of ice water; the seeds and the pulp separate because one floats and the other doesn't.

Personally, I prefer pomegranate molasses, which is available in middle-eastern stores. All the nutrition, stores forever, tasty and cheap.

Anonymous said...

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