Sunday, April 4, 2010

Week 12 Long Bike

This is a great weekend. Words fail me. I'm just having a stupendous time. My iPad came yesterday, my girlfriend has been in town for a few weeks and Garmin Connect has totally redeemed themselves by making their site absolutely rock star. It's brilliant. Love the layout, love the data, love the extra features. My only complaint is their use of shitastic Flash for the maps but who's complaining.

Check out today's ride (where the battery died @ mile 48). It missed just over 13 miles so it looks like I logged 61 today. That's about 11 miles less than I had calced for myself so I'm guessing I didn't make the full 4 hours.

Let's not even bother with the transition run. It was horrid. All that matters is I got off the bike and ran a bit.

Now it's time for some serious refueling.

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