Sunday, August 16, 2009

On Track for Breakwater Half Ironman Triathlon

I've had my concerns about this one. After all, I had already done two half Ironman triathlons in the past two months. A third seemed a bit much for one season. To top that off I've been pretty burned out from doing any of the running/biking/swimming stuff. Needless to say it's been an uphill battle this month.

But I'm happy to report that not only do I feel more confident going into this one I actually feel like it'll be the best one to date.

Yesterday I hit up Afton again for a decent 50 mile route. Okay, technically it was Prescott, WI but who's taking notes? Lots of calories were burned and I really got a great workout in. I even got my fastest bike speed to date: 43.6 MPH.

Today was a decent milestone as well. I ran for 1.5 hours doing heart rate training in Zone 3 most of the time with 15 minutes reserved for Zone 4. My average pace the whole time was pretty crappy: 9:15/mile. But the personal victory was my max pace: 5:50/mile. That's right. I was fire burning on the dance floor. Check out the workout for more details.

Time for some quality reading and dining.

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JP Severin said...

looks like you are using that garmin to perfection... cool stuff and good luck at the race