Friday, July 31, 2009

2009 Chisago Lakes Half Ironman

It's been over a month since Pacific Crest. Having a half Ironman triathlon behind my belt I thought I'd take a stab at another one. I learned a lot after my first experience and wanted to put that to the test in the home town area.

Chisago Lakes was a great tri to test out the waters too. Sparing all the details, suffice it to say the day was perfect except for a bit of a very warm sun. The swim went very well, the bike course was mostly freshly paved and flat and the run course was, while unimaginative and sort of lame, overall not a bad experience.

The real victory was my nutrition on the bike. I must have done a great job of the nutrition because I hit the run portion ready to go. So that was in and of itself all the victory I needed for the day.

Here's the link to my results as well as some of my pictures. All in all I smashed my Pacific Crest time. Honestly I would have been sorely disappointed if I hadn't.

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