Sunday, June 15, 2008

My First Tri

This weekend's plan to go to Michigan fell through. The weather report looked too gloomy to justify a one way 6 hour drive. Meanwhile, here in the twin cities it was absolutely perfect. The weather couldn't have been nicer. I decided it was worth it to stick around with the TNT folks and compete in our mock tri.

I really had a blast and am glad I stayed to do it. The TNT people are such a blast and I learned so much from them.

The swim was amazingly strong for me. My wetsuit really helped out and once I got into a rhythm it was tough to slow down.

T1 (the first transition) was crazy. If you've never swam and then hopped right out of the water and ran try it once. There's nothing like it. You feel disoriented and can barely tell where you're going.

Biking just sucks so that's no big deal.

T2 (the transition from bike to run) was my biggest fall. When I got there I completely passed where my bike rack was and couldn't find it for about 20 seconds. Once I got there I had a problem getting my running shoes on too. Otherwise it was flawless and I even finished 2nd. :-D

I'm really looking forward to next weekend when I compete in my first official triathlon. I wouldn't be half the guy I am today if it weren't for people like Kris, Jenae, and the rest o the team.

Thanks for all of your help guys!

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