Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tour de Tonka 30 mile loop

For those of you who may be getting huffy because everything that's been posted is about running, I have a few biking routes to put up here.

For the first time, I'll be participating in bike rides and races this year.  It's all part of the master plan to get ready for my first triathlon and eventually participate in an Ironman competition.  But like all good things in life, first things first.

This is [almost] the entire 33 mile loop of the Tour de Tonka around Lake Minnetonka.  I say almost because I missed one turn and therefore missed about 3 miles of the actual route.  And since the part of the race I missed was close to the end, what you see is essentially the whole thing.

This training run was my attempt to actually lay out the course for myself so I know where I'm going when it comes time to ride day.  The people who put the ride on don't actually have a map layout of the course.  They only provide a turn by turn explanation of the ride.  So I took the liberty of plotting out the course.  I hope this is useful for some of you.

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